My customers are always excited about a move to Hawaii. For some it's the culmination of years of planning and preparation. For others it was a Hawaiian holiday that just couldn't be forgotten by the heart, soul or mind - the islands just kept calling them. There are the professionals who are fortunate enough to be transferred or hired and relocated for a job in Hawaii. Many people don't realize what is going on in Hawaii regarding the research and application of cutting edge technology in fields such as algae research, for both food and fuel production, ocean fish farming, sustainable organic crop production, deep water, solar and wind technologies. In addition, the steady stream of contract medical workers, and other professionals provides an environment for the best and the brightest to live, work and play in paradise.

My company provides a wide range of east and west bound services from the U.S. mainland and Canada.

I ship cars and containers to and from all Hawaiian Islands, Line Islands, U.S. Samoa and Guam.

We ship any type of personal transportation including autos and trucks. Also household goods, pets, farm animals, airplanes, and boats. My household goods services is provided at basic, preferred and full levels of service with containers offered at 20',40,' and 45'. I offer door to door or port to port services for less than full container shipping.

This isn't the whole list but is representative. My on time delivery record is verifiable and impeccable. My mantra is "on time, on budget and unbroken." There is no way to over estimate the advantage my company enjoys by having resources on the ground in Hawaii.

I hope you will take the time to read the testimonials we've collected over the years plus recent additions. They are an accurate overview of the quality, hands-on service I deliver.

Warmest aloha,
Jim McCain