Q- Does the Kona Container/Car Guy just move stuff to Kona?

A- I service all of the Hawaiian islands and more. The Kona Container/Car Guy provides full container service, less than container load and auto transport service to Oahu, Maui, Kauai and the Big Island from anywhere in the United States or western Canada. I also offer limited service to Molokai, Lanai and Samoa.


Q- Are there any benefits to me for shipping all my belongings with the Kona Container/Car Guy?

A- Yes. I offer bundle pricing at attractive discounts for autos and household goods being quoted together. My bundle pricing applies even if your household goods and autos are not shipping at the same time. My quotes are inclusive of any/all fuel surcharges, port fees and taxes; no surprises!


Q- I don't think I have enough stuff to fill a container can you help me?

A- Yes. I provide a full range of services on less than container load shipping. I provide door to door service or you can choose to pick up or drop off at your shipping from or receiving to port. I offer full packing service or you have the option to do it yourself. This service is from any mainland zip code to any Hawaiian island, Samoa and Guam.


Q- How long will it take for my container and or auto to get to Hawaii?

A- Sailing time from the west coast to Hawaii takes a week. Transit times to the neighbor islands is another three to five days. Containers and cars generally take the same amount of time. As a rule of thumb shipping from the east coast take about four weeks, from the midwest about three weeks and from the west coast take about two weeks.


Q- How far in advance should I book my move?

A- The sooner the better. As we all know the cost of fuel has gone up our entire lives. I'll go way out on a limb and say that the current reality will continue into the foreseeable future. Shipping costs are driven by fuel prices. I can lock in your quoted price prior to shipping. A majority of the time getting a locked rate by booking early will save you money.


Q- What about payment?

A- For payment I accept personal check, money orders, cashiers checks, wire transfers and "pop money", a service like paypal plus visa/mastercard, american express and discover.


Q- What about insurance?

A- For containers with household goods the limited liability coverage provided by the ocean carrier is usually sufficient. For customers who have goods that have extraordinary value I offer the option of purchasing marine insurance. For autos, the limit of liability provided by the ocean shipper is $8,000 per vehicle. The overland auto transport truckers are fully bonded and insured. In any case, your existing homeowners/auto insurance provider will be primary in any claim. I base this answer on experience but I'm not an insurance agent. I strongly recommend you contact the agent who has your homeowners, renters or auto insurance for professional advice prior to your move.


Q- My car is worth way more than $8000, what happens if my car is a total loss?

A- As stated, the ocean carrier's liability is $8,000 but your insurance provider will be primary in any claim. If you're still confused call your insurance agent or me and I will give you a detailed explanation; insurance only seems complicated.


Q- Can you provide any additional helpful information I can use for air travel, rental cars and temporary relocation housing?

A- Yes. For air travel and rental cars I've used Vicky Kibler at Punahele Travel, 808-325-0647, for more than a decade. She regularly beats the internet deals I can find. If you are in need of short term housing I can help direct you to apartments, condos and homes. As an example I have a 3 bedroom view home on the Kona side that rents as a vacation rental for an average of $225 per day. I've had customers stay here for 50% off rack rate. Stays are limited to between 7-21 days. To see a slideshow of this property use this link:


Q- Can I pack stuff in my vehicle when I ship it?

A- Unfortunately no. No items can be packed, stored or left in your vehicle that, basically, didn't come with your vehicle.


Q- Can I pack stuff in my vehicle if I ship it in my container with my household goods?

A- Yes.


Q- When shipping should I leave my insurance and registration in the glove box of my car?

A- Don't leave anything in your vehicle that identifies you. It's a security risk and it's not required.


Q- Why is the delivery of my container/auto late?

A- There are a number of factors that can but, infrequently, do cause delays in ocean shipping. The list of items includes, but is not limited to, containers with household goods being opened at the port for random agriculture inspection, environmental, mechanical or security issues plus weather, union work stoppages and priority loading issues. Priority loading issues concern the ships loading protocol when essential goods such as, military, hospital, household and other commodities deemed essential can't be loaded due to space limitation. That prompts the no loading or off loading of autos. My records indicate a year in and year out delay of about 2% for container and autos. A common delay is about three days. We track and expedite delays as they happen. It's part of the service.


Q- Can you help me move back to the mainland?

A- Yes. Everything we did going west bound works going eastbound. Shipping a container eastbound from Hawaii back to the mainland is generally less expensive. Shipping your vehicle back will cost about the same as it did to get here, however, Hawaii requires additional exit documentation. I will be glad to cover these requirements with my eastbound customers.

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